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Event dates: 14.08.2014 09:00 – 15.08.2014 13:00
Location: Nelijärve Resort (view map)

Notorious Estonian startups will open their pandoras box to Startups SummerCamp participants. 

Secrets will be revieled – how did these titans get this far? SummerCamp players will get an VIP access to the back rooms of most well known Estonian startups and take control of their fate. Lead figures of those name will be at your disposal.

Disclamer! This is a simultation. You will not receive startups with millions of user in your complete holding!


Agenda 14. august:

09:00 Busses Leave from Tallinn. Rotermanni 14/16 Parking place (map). Be on time!

10:30 Arriving and Snacks

11:00 Opening Plenary

11:15 Keynote: Gary Planthaber

12:00 Introducing: Pipedrive, Qminder, Testlio and Toggl secrets for sales

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Group Work on Inside Info from #estonianmafia

15:30 Group Presentations and Feedback

17:00 Closing Plenary

17:30 Relax Time with Games

19:00 Dinner

20:00 Fireside Chat

20:30 Disco and Games

Agenda 15. august:

10:00 How to understand your team?

13:00 SummerCamp Program Ends, relax time with peers by the beach. Busses are leaving.

14:30 @Tallinn


  • Dmitri Sarle is the CEO of ArcicStartup, an independent technology blog that reports on digital startups and growth entrepreneurship from the Nordic and Baltic countries. He is an unstoppable entrepreneur, start-up and creative marketing enthusiast. Having worked in many industries (Direct Sales, Retail, Real Estate, Media, Wholesale, IT, Startups) and seen businesses from many facets and in various countries (UK, Estonia, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Turkey), he has developed an innate understanding of the internal processes of successful businesses. Processes that can not be found in text books or blogs.


  • Gary Planthaber has over 15 years experience with in the analysis, scoping, estimation, design, management and implementation of high-availability, enterprise-class business technology solutions. Furthermore, he has experience in enterprise software sales and intellectual property law. Gary has lent his expertise to Accenture and Pfizer, architecting and implementing various technical aspects of the Pfizer/Wyeth merger, an acquisition which led Pfizer to become the largest pharmaceutical company in the world. Gary was also the CTO of Arigo, an industry-leading provider of enterprise software solutions to major multi-national retailers.
  • Martin Kõiva has experimented with different fields of businesses throughout his career – after moving from years of PR consultation to marketing and running the e-commerce and daily deals site, he is now in charge of customer support at Pipedrive. He also likes to write about himself in the third person.
  • Kristel Viidik has a background in software testing industry, having worked in leading software engineering company in Estonia and an award-winning trading solutions provider in UK. Marko and Kristel co-founded Testlio in the end of 2012. Since then, the startup has received notable accreditation by winning world’s largest hackathon AngelHack and world renowned accelerator TechStars in Austin (accepted amongst 850 other applicants)
  • Marko Kruustuk has passion for setting up internet startups. Marko is a serial entrepreneur who has also experience with various system developments including the Estonian Traffic Insurance Fund. Marko and Kristel co-founded Testlio in the end of 2012. Since then, the startup has received notable accreditation by winning world’s largest hackathon AngelHack and world renowned accelerator TechStars in Austin (accepted amongst 850 other applicants).
  • Rauno Rüngas quit his psychology studies after a successful Garage48 hackathon, that launched Qminder queue management system. Against the odds, with a new team and through a pivot Qminder more than survived and now proudly lists biggest mobile carriers in US, governmental offices and the Olympic games as clients.
  • Psychobus conducts entertaining psychology-related demonistrations and tests, using the format of scinece-theatre. Their audiences range from children to adults. The aim of the pop-science project is to introduce the interesting, interactive and practical sides of scientologic psychology to the wider audiences. The team makes up from various psychology students from various different backgrounds.
  • Marko Nemberg has an extensive background in marketing and sales. His past includes many industries (Advertising, Banking, Marketing, and Wholesale). He has found his passion in UX design, working for Trinidad Consulting, the largest UX agency in the Baltics. His varied toolset besides marketing includes usability analysis, A/B testing, user research, game usability and user testing. He also writes a lot. Both for tech journals and newspapers.

Evening beats provided by:

  • Disko Stew. A little bit of soul, a dash of funky beats, mixed together with some good old disco and off we go. Leave some room for dessert, and don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes!

You get more fun from the event if you are:

  • Working on your own startup.
  • Dreaming of founding your own startup.
  • Want to network with entrepreneurial minded folks.
  • The one who wants to occupy a startup for a day.


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Contact persons:

Indrek, Enterprise Estonia, indrek.anepaio ät
Mari, Estonian Development Fund, mari.suviste ät



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