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StartSmart! SummerCamp4startups

Event dates: 22.08.2013 09:00 - 23.08.2013 14:00
Location: Nelijärve Puhkekeskus, Nelijärve 4, Aegviidu vald (view map)

Summer is the time to stop fighting the glare of your computer screen and head outside, into the physical world. SummerCamp4Startups welcomes everyone to the beautiful lake hideout at Nelijärve and intends to make the most out of long summer days.

Our 2-day summer event will focus on ideating, prototyping and building products, i.e. solving problems in the physical world. For people who have never played with a Lego brick before - this is your chance to get hands-on. Note that we're not just mentioning Legos accidentally - workshop participants will have the chance to put their creativity, craftsmanship and sales skills to the test.

The first day of the event will focus on fascinating physical products presented by experienced startups from both nearer and farther regions. The day will conclude with a social event for all of you to enjoy the summer night.

One of the major problems start-up founders face is being alone with their ideas, having no money, no team and sometimes being the only one who believes they have a cutting edge solution to the problems mankind faces. Therefore, the second day will focus how to keep yourself motivated as an early stage entrepreneur.

Venue: Nelijärve puhkekeskus


First Day, 22nd august.

10:00 Buses are leaving from Tallinn

11:30 Arrivals and snacks

12:00 Dan Seidman, DigiX

12:45 Andri Laidre, FlyDog

13:30 Taavi Lindmaa, Lean Startup Machine

13:45 Break and snacks. Check-in

14:45 Kaur Kallas, Digital Sputnik

15:30 Hannes Tarn, Bolefloor

16:15 Ajujaht

16:30 LEGO Mindstorms Workshop. This time we have an extra practical workshop prepared for you, where all the teams go from zero to a working (illustrative) prototype. Laws of physics and cost reality are the only two limits to bear in mind when identifying a problem worth solving and building prototypes with LEGO Mindstorms NXT robotic kits. Let's see how creative can you be!

18:00 Snacks

19:00 Workshop continues with presentations.

22:00 Party time

22.30 Night Demo Pitching

23.00 Party continues

Second day, 23rd august.

08:30 Breakfast

09:30 Leo Siemann,, Top 10 Estonian inventions of all times, Start-UPs & IPR.

10:00 Alar Ojastu, Thank U

13:00 Snacks

14:00 Buses leaving to Tallinn 


Dan Seidman

Dan Seidman has been entrepreneur for more than a decade and founded several companies in different continents. Specialized in technology, he has focused on a wide range of projects from online exchange for wine futures (GrapeX) to 3D engine video game development (Nanogames). Currently he is involved with DigiX, a company which is specialized in the exchange of digital information, specifically between mobile devices and networks. Dan is going to share his experience on how to iterate prototypes to a fully functional products and how to bring these products to global market and establish sales network.

Andri Laidre

Andri Laidre has a product development background. Being a co-founder of Flydog, Andri has a rich experience in designing different devices from wind generators to medical devices in Estonia, Sweden and Norway. Last year Flydog started to develope its own product, a Sea Monitoring System, to obtain data from the marine environment. Its first prototype was successfully installed in Finland this year. In Nelijärve Andri shares his experiances gained in product development with a focus on physical side of a product.

Hannes Tarn

Hannes Tarn, head of development at Bolefloor B.V., is going to introduce a unique way of making floors through optimization technology, which means savings of the natural resource. Bolefloor is the world’s first industrial-scale manufactured hardwood flooring with naturally curved lengths that follow a tree’s natural growth.

Alar Ojastu

Alar Ojastu is an acknowledged motivational speaker, leadership and sales trainer. Alar is going to give you some of the most valuable advice about how to keep yourself motivated while facing all the difficulties inherent for early stage entrepreneurs.

Taavi Lindmaa

Startup enthusiast and connector Taavi Lindmaa is going to share his valuable advice about customer development. Taavi is Helsinki Workshop Founding Organizer at Lean Startup Machine and has co-organized startup events in New York for Founder Institute, GamificationCo and DecodedFashion. Additionally he is mentoring startups in presentation, creating MVP, customer development and user experience.

Kalev Kaarna

Kalev Kaarna, manager of Idea Lab in University of Tartu, is going to help us moderate the whole StartSmart! SummerCamp4startups event and conduct the workshop, where all of you need as a team to identify a problem worth solving and later on create a solution worth implementing. Kalev is very familiar with all of that by giving students in Tartu University an opportunity to develop concepts, prototypes, and conduct experiments.

Kaur Kallas

Kaur Kallas along with his brother Kaspar is dedicated to a revolution in film tech innovation. Both brothers believe that breaking new ground with state-of-the-art technical solutions brings more creativity to the world. That’s why they established a company called Digital Sputnik. Dealing with physical problems, prototyping and selling products has been part of their everyday life for more than a decade. Let's find out what their recipe is for selling a product on global markets.

P.S. Stay tuned for detailed agenda, additional information about topics and possible new surprise speakers!

Leo Siemann

Leo Siemann is the board member of the Estonian Inventors Association. His homepage - "Estonian Inventor" was launched in the UK at 2009, with the purpose to introduce Estonian made inventions and to help independent inventors Worldwide. His back is military & sports medicine. Currently working for Viitasaari Invention Show - The first invention filed in 2006. ,

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StartSmart! is a series of events (conferences, demo pitching, networking, workshops) to promote entrepreneurship and assist Estonian and Finnish start-ups in creation and developing their business.

This event is organized by Estonian Development Fund, Aalto University School of Economics Small Business Centre, Enterprise Estonia, Technopolis Ülemiste and BDA Consulting as a part of Central Baltic INTERREG IVA program.

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